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Top 30 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Tremendously!

Increase Blog Traffic InorganicallyThe success of a Blog actually depends on many factors. One important factor without which a blog can not succeed is its traffic. It’s very important for a blog owner to identify the significance of building a considerable traffic flow towards his blog and then maintaining it because it is the blog’s traffic that decides the future of your blogging career. I have seen that mostly newbie bloggers find their blog going nowhere. The reason behind this is that they actually don't work hard and then spend 40% of their time in search of content, 20% on manipulating, 20% on graphics and blog layout, etc. then in the last only 20% on traffic.

In order to enhance the earnings from your blog, you need to follow the examples that pro bloggers have left for you.

1. Outline Your Objectives

Just like any other business starts, you need to figure out what your actual target is and just not start blogging on anything or more than one niche (like I was doing before). Once you know what can be your goal and how to achieve it, you can then apply the remaining tips to increase your blog traffic-and your earning!

2. Not Just Content, Offer Quality Content

Don't make your blog a content farm and don't provide your readers and search engines with just content, offer quality content. Because the quality of your content reflects your entire blog, further attracting readers to keep your blog alive.

3. SEO Optimize your Blog for Search Engines

Majority of newbie Bloggers find this the toughest part, but as it’s the most important one, you should also start focusing on it. Keep an eye on SEO posts published here at MBT because we share everything here that is needed to build a successful blog.

4. Start Guest Posting

guest posting
Guest posting is an old yet an effective way to get back links and traffic for your blog. While offering to guest post on blogs having huge traffic, you are actually telling the world that you also exist. If this trick used wisely can do wonders for a blog!

5. “Top 10” Posts

Got a list of great written posts? Show the Top 10 Series. New or old, readers always look for them.

6. “Top 50” Posts

Got too much quality material to make  Top 50 Series? Go ahead and do it, this would bring more readers, generating more traffic.

7. Share Your Secrets- Earn More Secrets

Talk about the strategy/strategies that work best for you and your blog. Readers are always in the search of working tricks and there are many possibilities they get what they are looking from your blog.

8. Create Your Mailing List

Use email marketing for better promotion of your blog thus increasing traffic.

9. Use Social Media

Start the promotion of your blog via social media such as facebook, twitter etc. This way you can generate huge amount traffic for your blog. Use social media also to advertise your blog. It does wonders.

10. Technorati

Submit your blog to technorati.

11. Write tutorials and Become Authentic

Writing tutorials for a tutorial site is again another great idea for generating traffic for your blog.

12. Create a Bloggers' Club

Help other so that they help you. Bloggers here share their posts and share traffic.

13. Ping Your Blog

Always remember to your blog after updating it. This way the search engines will again crawl your blog and you will get traffic. Use this service if your PR is below 2.0.


Blog Carnivals is really a good platform to get traffic from for your blog. Its a Must to join site.

15. Your Site- Your Identity

Professional Bloggers always recommend to include your blog URL as signature in your email. This way you will get a little traffic and it counts. For example,

Best Regards,
Shahabuddin Danish
Author: My Blogging Tricks

16. Advertise with Google Adwords

If you have a good budget then also don't forget to advertise your blog using Google Adwords.

17. Feed Directories

Submit your blog to the Feed Directories. They will also help in bringing traffic.

18. Write on Social Media

No matter what your blog niche may be, always write on social media. This will bring more traffic towards your blog

19. Do Video Posting

Entertain your readers by sharing videos inside your posts as Reading Big Articles sometimes becomes too boring.

20. Use Images Wisely

Images that you use inside your blog posts and pages are equally important as the words that you write. So also choose them wisely.

21. Use Google News

Try to get your blog listed in Google News.

22. Add Social Media Buttons

One of the best ways to attract traffic for your blog is by adding the social sharing buttons. Through this way hundreds of people will come to read your blog and if they like it, they will probably share your posts.

23. Blog Directories

Blog Directories also work wonders for newly developing blogs and assist in directing huge amount of traffic to them. But remember to choose wisely between them.

24. Use Article Directories

A lot of people also get to know about your blog when you submit your posts to Article Directories. This can be also useful as you get a link back. I will write a brief post on this tomorrow.

25. Try to Write on Controversial Topics

Writing on controversial topics always help in increasing the traffic flow towards your blog. Writing on famous controversies like Steve Jobs, Facebook Timeline, etc can be very effective for your blog’s traffic.

26. Act like a Journalist

Always act like a journalist and quickly post what you hear and don't wait for others to post it. Always try to stay updated with the latest stuff and share them quickly with your readers too.

27. Use Yahoo Answers:

For your blogging career, it is very important to be proactive and reactive. If you have proven to your readers that you are reliable, your traffic won't go anywhere and you will then enjoy loyal traffic permanently.

28. Use Stumbleupon

Don't ever forget to post your popular articles to Stumbleupon.

29. Blogger Feedbacks on Questions

Search and then compile the various queries frequently asked by bloggers and then try to write all of them up in one post. That particular post would serve as an added bonus for your readers and would also increase traffic.

30. Consistency

To make a successful blog, it requires hard work and consistently. Its not just a matter of a day or a week. In fact, you actually need to work harder and harder each day to build a strong readership and a successful living out of your blog.
I guess these 30 tips would really help you guys a lot as they had helped me also. All these tips are experimented by me on this blog and they proved to work wonders as you can see that our Alexa rank is increasing fastly.

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7 Comments so far:

Tutorsindia on April 4, 2013 at 10:08 AM said...

I am not familiar with Guest Posting.Can you explain about it?
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Shahabuddin Danish on April 4, 2013 at 4:27 PM said...

Guest posting means allowing others to come and write on your website or blog. In addition, it can also refer to you writing posts for other blogs. In return you will get a dofollow backlink and boost your web traffic which really helps in increasing your chances of online success.

saleem ahmdal on April 19, 2013 at 7:39 AM said...

This post and share good tips. I have also a blog but there is not so much organic traffic coming on it. Just 50 articles on it. can any one tell me after how many articles i will be able to get organic traffic and real readers?

Prabal Chowdhury on September 4, 2013 at 11:45 PM said...

Hello Shahabuddin,
Thanks for your tips. I appreciate your writing. I would like to suggest my best tool for ranking your website. It's the best SEO monitoring tool for you all. You can try ColibriTool for daily SEO works. As SEO is not a one time work, we need to perform it continuously. This ColibriTool is build for this purpose. You can find ColibriTool here (

Shahabuddin Danish on September 8, 2013 at 8:53 PM said...

Just keep working hard and soon enough you will be able to have real readership :)

THanks for your suggestion dear. I already have ColibriTool in my Ultimate SEO Tools Collection. Feel free to comment anytime :)

holy joly on May 16, 2014 at 1:24 PM said...

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