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Smartphones Share: How It Is Rising?

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 Almost everyone has heard about a smartphone and probably everyone knows what a smartphone is. But do you know how much smartphones have increased over the years and how much money is spent on these smartphones? Check this little infographic then.

Add Facebook Like Button In Blogger Posts

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Social Media increasing its popularity day by day and getting millions of page  views  daily.  So   therefore Social  Media has  become a big source to drive traffic  towards your site and whether it will Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Feedburner or other social media sites. So   for this purpose today we will learn  how to  add Facebook  Like  button in our blogger posts. You can add this widget below your  post title and also below your posts. Its very easy, simple and interesting. So lets see how to  add this widget.

Google Panda and Google Google Penguin - What's That?

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Google Panda and Google Penguin
Google is the leader in the online world and is breaking new ground in the internet search. Google owns almost 2/3rd share in the industry till this time. Today Google is the biggest company present on the whole web! Google updates its search functionality very frequently almost more than 10 times in a day. Since the past 4 years, some fundamental changes have been spot in Google's search model. Just like it was only two years ago that the Panda and just one year ago when the penguin were unleashed onto the cyber world! Since the very first day these algorithms were released, they have become a very hot SEO topic.

Ramadan Kareem Mubarak 2013 To Everyone!

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Ramadan Kareem 2013The holy month of Ramadan is on us so lets use this great opportunity and wish all our readers a Happy Ramadan Kareem 2013, which is a month full of love, peace, tranquility, forgiveness, blessings and refrainment from all our self desires. It is 12th July today,  a time in the lunar calendar when Saudi Arab is holding their Third Fast and people in Pakistan and India are holding their second Fast. This is our 1st year of celebrating Ramadan with Blogosphere. Ramadan is the only month when we dedicate our full time to worship and also in serving visitors with interesting tutorials and widgets for their blogs.

800+ Free Smashing Web2.0 Icons For Web Designing!

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Free Web 2.0 Icons SetEveryone likes free blogger resources like icons and buttons and they are something that are never rejected by anyone. I want to share with you my Freeware Icon Collection that contains 800+ smashing icons. I have collected these icons over the recent months from different websites and blogs. This is a web2.0 icon set and it contains almost everything that you may need, from social media icons, forum icons, blog icons till RSS icons. All these crowded in one jumbo set! You too can get a free copy of this amazing collection, just by submitting your Email ID and becoming a valuable MBT reader. Then you can benefit from tons of such resources for free.

Blogger Threaded Comments For Custom Templates

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blogger threaded commentsA little time ago, we had shared a tutorial on how to enable Blogger's most awaited feature of threaded (Nested) commenting system. The method we shared only worked in official blogger templates but didn’t work in other templates created by un-official designers. More than 70% blogger blogs use un-official templates and as this feature can't be opposed by anyone therefore Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of My Blogger Tricks took some time to install this feature in custom blogger templates after a lot of efforts. Let’s get to work and install this amazing feature then!

Top Ten Easiest Ways for Student to Make Money Online

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Make Money OnlineAs a student, your options for working can be pretty slim. If you can’t find a job, then you have to fight for one. For a cash-strapped and busy student, that means finding money, putting in applications, and waiting for the interview. If you do get the job, you have to fit into your school schedule, which any student will tell you is a job in itself. Just like everyone else, though, students need cash. Where’s a student with limited time and even limited financial means going to find the cash they need?

Integrate AdSense In Google Custom Search Engine!

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Earn More Money with AdsenseIn our previous posts, we discussed in detail the importance of Google custom search engine regarding your blog's page views and deep indexing in Google. We also learned to connect two pages and use the search engine professionally. Now its the time to further increase your Google Adsense revenue and start monetizing from your search engine. After enabling Adsense Ads in your search engine, when a reader will search for a query, this search engine will display ads above the search results.

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